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A partnership that embraces innovation and collaboration to help
re-establish the brand's progressive cultural voice.

We were asked to reinforce and re-energise Absolut’s values of togetherness, inclusivity and accessibility through a forward-facing and progressive campaign concept that drives cultural relevance for their #BorntoMix brand campaign.

We wanted to illustrate the brand’s legacy of artist collaborations to a new audience by supporting and extending Absolut’s Hero Campaign #BorntoMix, via a talent-commission narrative that saw three talents from different cultural fields, Institute of Digital Fashion (digital designers), Chet Lo (fashion design) and Tayce (drag queen) come together to produce a game-changing co-creation that formed the centrepiece of our campaign.

We created and produced an editorial partnership campaign, centred around a film that delves into the process of collaboration, avoiding a tired craft docu-style approach by instead capturing the spirit of fierce creativity at play, published via editorial exclusives alongside audience-first social content and even wearable AI filters.

Alongside our editorial amplification, we also created an exclusive 'Born To Mix' fashion show at Boxpark, curating a programme of activity throughout the night.

The event featured our campaign collaborators, Tayce, Chet Lo and The Institute of Digital Fashion, with a host of industry experts, influencers and celebrity guests in attendance.