A Cold Wall x Converse 
( Manifesto For Change)

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Against the backdrop of the BLM movement, with widespread protests around inequality and the lack of diversity within national institutions, Converse came to Dazed in search of discovering a meaningful way in which to join and add to the conversation with real value for next-gen communities.

Our response was to create Manifesto For Change; an awareness campaign and mentorship programme in collaboration with Samuel Ross, Creative Director and Founder of A Cold Wall.

Shot by Gabriel Moses, ‘Manifesto For Change’ is a rally call from Samuel Ross (Founder and Creative Director, A Cold Wall) that reflects on the current state of play, drawing upon his own journey and experiences to express the need to break down barriers that face many young black and poc creatives who are seeking opportunities via unconventional pathways.

( Open to Change ) Mentorship Programme

Alongside the film, we created a series of mentorship sessions led by Samuel Ross from A COLD WALL, with hand-picked participants (designers, artists, creatives, and filmmakers) from Converse’s next-gen All Stars network, to explore what it takes to be a creative entrepreneur today, highlighting the need for industry-wide change in order to increase more opportunities for young black and POC creatives seeking to enter the industry.