Nike Air Max
( Generation Air )

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Generation Air is a documentary set in 2053 that charts the rise of a 2023 cultural movement
that was energised by Air Max

Nike came to us with a challenge and opportunity to drive real cultural energy and hype around the new Air Max 'Pulse' silhouette ahead of its 2023 Air Max Day launch.

In collaboration with Actual Objects, we asked ourselves what would the legacy of today's innovative creative generation (The Maximalists) look like in 30 years time?

  • FILM & PHOTOGRAPHY BY Actual Objects


    Jean Dawson

    Echo Seireeni


    Doe Dusty


Generation Air is a mockumentary that projects a paradoxical future, arriving at Nike Air Max Day in 2053 to look back and celebrate the legacy of five members from Generation Air — Jean Dawson, Junglepussy, Echo Seireeni, Clip and Doe Dusty — as they reflect on that momentous period.

“We were at a point in time where the world seemed like no-one knew what they were doing, we were all collectively trying to breakthrough”



To tease the documentary, we collated self-shot content from each of our talent, simulating the idea of 'native content from the past' (shot in 2023), releasing them mysteriously in batches as daily drops leading up to Air Max Day.

“It’s a simple thing, like a man that wears a tie, looks at another man wearing a tie, they understand they’re business men. We don’t have on a tie, we have a swoosh.”

Jean Dawson