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Dazed & IKEA join forces for a one-off publishing project for Milan Design Week, reimagining an icon of IKEA's past: the Catalogue.

Leveraging our position as a publisher, we created a one-off printed poster zine that explored how young people live today. With community, creativity, and expression at the heart of Gen-Z lifestyles.

CATALOGUE!!! combined editorial stories with a series of pull out posters to adorn the walls of readers' homes.

Working with visionary talent such as Imruh Asha, Anton Gottlib, Daisuke, Andrew Miksys, Angèle Châtenet, Erika Kamano and more.

TYPES OF LIVING explored how young people around the globe find creative solutions from guardianships to in-house tattoo parlours and micro apartments.

Celebrating creative ingenuity, Dazed Fashion Director Imruh Asha constructed IKEA furniture into avant-garde looks and sculptures, declaring "Anything can be fashion!" wanting viewers to see iconic objects in a new light.

Catalogue!!! included many other stories exploring interesting perspectives around the world...

All grounded in a research study presented as a poster infographic in the zine.

Catalogue!!! was activated through a bespoke kiosk at IKEA's takeover exhibition in Milan's Padiglione Visconti, where guests could pick up a free copy of the limited print zine, and see large-scale posters of Imruh Asha's imagery.