( The Future of Youth Culture )

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In our most extensive research study yet, we asked ourselves one question: what are the influential forces shaping youth culture? 

Drawing insights from Dazed Media’s global audience and leading experts from the worlds of culture, technology and academia CTRL SHIFT reflects on three years of research since Monomass 2020. The report explores how youth’s internal conflicts play out in culture and how they may shape the future, proposing new ways of operating for brands and society. 

Our results reveal a rising tension amongst youth: a conflict between a desire for control and a yearning for freedom. In a social climate that has become unsustainable and, at times, hopeless, our innate drives to flee or fight for survival have come head to head. 

“We’re in a crisis of meaning. There’s a huge desire for meaning. At a grander, existential level, what is my life for? There’s a breakdown of any shared collective meaning. No one’s filled the void that was once filled by consumerism and religion. Now it is progressive politics and climate change activism that fills that void for some people. But a person who can have a clear way of explaining the world, telling truths or forbidden truths… A lot of people are looking for that.”


Dean Kissick

Editor, Spike Art Magazine


Dazed Studio’s methodology combines expert minds alongside our early adopter audiences who are influencing the trends of today and tomorrow. By bringing qualitative and quantitative data together with human creativity we are able to paint a truly honest picture of youth culture. 

● A global audience survey of 2,543 young people 

● 34 expert interviews

● 1 focus group with Dazed’s Gen Z club members 

● Insights from Dazed Media group publications
(Dazed, Dazed Beauty, AnOther & Nowness) 

● Insights from the minds of Dazed’s editorial network

Your purchase will include:

● 453 pages of original insight crafted over four months

● An introduction and executive summary outlining the key findings from all six chapters of the report

● Statistics and quotes from our audience research and expert interviews

Each chapter includes:

● The cultural drivers influencing youth

● Three trends including real world examples of how they play out in culture

● Category specific deep dives (e.g. beauty & wellness)

● New brand models to put our insights into action

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