A free, in-depth study forecasting the influential forces shaping the next generation, offering perspective and insight on how brands need to adapt to this radically shifting landscape of new media and social change.

Entitled 'The Era of Monomass', the report covers data from January until June 2020 to reveal the profound behavioural changes in response to Covid-19, consulting over 3500 members of the Dazed audience — from the UK, Europe, UAE, USA, Russia, China and beyond — as well as a panel of fifteen expert voices from across fashion, technology, culture, trend forecasting and media 

It explores how the hyper-connectivity and self-surveillance wrought by the age of social media has changed the ways we formulate and articulate our identities. How polarised politics have made us rethink the meaning of leadership as we look for new, more authentic icons. How increased global migration has led to the cross-pollination of cultural reference points. How a global pandemic signals a reversion to analogue values in a digital age.

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