Dazed and TikTok: Activating a Print Moment Through a Viral Digital Campaign

To mark the launch of our Autumn 2019 print issue fronted by American rapper Lil Nas X, we partnered with Gen Z-favoured social media platform TikTok in an activation that accumulated over 7.5 million views. 

Through a week-long hashtag challenge #LASSOCHALLENGE, we launched our verified @Dazed TikTok account, alongside paying tribute to our issue cover theme How The West Was Won, and cover star Lil Nas X, whose success on the platform has helped build his musical profile as a global sensation. 

As the first media brand to partner with TikTok through a 360 degree partnership, we didn’t just reflect culture – we created it. 


  • Over 7.5m Views
  • First culture media brand to partner with TikTok
  • An Innovation In 360 Degree Campaigns