Dazed 100 x Converse

Global partnership

Evolving Dazed’s globally recognised next-gen platform into a meaningful long-term initiative that granted four young talents the chance to realise creative ideas

Since its inception, Dazed 100 has identified wave after wave of emerging creative talent from the worlds of fashion, music, art, and activism, but for 2020, Dazed teamed up with Converse to bring an entirely new focus to the platform, celebrating ‘ideas’ over ‘fame’, by supporting the visions of emerging talent with real opportunities through a Dazed 100 Ideas Fund; a £50,000 grant to financially realise personal projects that impact real communities.

This campaign was brought to life over a six month period via a bespoke hub on Dazed Digital, with always-on editorial storytelling, activated in real-time across social media, publishing interviews with selected artists, short films inviting readers to get to know the Gen Z changemakers, and more — handing over our platforms to the entrants to share their ideas themselves.

This years’ vanguard included the likes of Saul Nash, Anuta Sarca, Nicole McLaughlin, Lava LaRue, and Devon Lee Carlson, with Ella Snyder, Alfie White, DJ Freedem, and Henrie Kwushue the four talents selected to receive funding.

Alongside a special print feature in the SS20 issue of Dazed, our campaign culminated in a documentary profiling the winners stories during a turbulent year for creativity, followed by the Dazed 100 Academy; a series of free talks and workshops hosted by D100 Alumni and Dazed Editors.