'Inner Space' Burberry

Co-branded campaign

A series of movement films and Tik Tok campaign exploring the complex layers of our identities, inspired by the architecture of the signature Burberry Pocket Bag.

Burberry and Dazed Media partnered to make a series of global films contextualising the Burberry pocket bag within relevant cultural contexts reaching the people of influence (Gen Z & millennial) by providing newness in content, extending house codes and narratives and establishing an emotional connection with product.

Published globally via Dazed Korea, Nowness and Nowness China, director Roni Shao created a hero film featuring high profile actress Teresa Li, that unpacks Teresa’s personality and the facets of her Inner Life, alongside extensive BTS moments that became a social first Tik Tok challenge

Further extending this campaign, we published a print special for our Autumn 2020 issue, creating a cover star moment with model Achenrin Madit adorning Burberry's newly released Pocket bag.